We have now filed the Light Rail Class Action in the NSW Supreme Court. If you are a business or property owner affected by this project, it is not too late to join the class action. To do so, please go to

and the team at Mitry Lawyers will contact you to organise your paperwork.




Recently The Small Business Party published data collected from businesses and residents about a range of issues resulting from the light rail project. To view this data – please head to:




The purpose of SLRCA (Sydney Light Rail Class Action) is to represent businesses and residents who have been unfairly impacted by the NSW Government Light Rail project. Once lively streets are now empty due to construction, inaccessibility, noise & dust. Businesses are struggling or declaring bankruptcy. Residents have had their properties damaged or are suffering mental health issues as a result of excessive out-of-hours noise pollution.

Promises have been made by the Minister for Transport and Premier that the government will provide assistance. Businesses have applied for rental assistance and been rejected or outright refused to be met. Residential requests to repair damaged properties and requests for alternate accommodation during construction have been declined.

The NSW State government has neglected its duty of care to the businesses and residents of Inner Sydney, Sydney CBD & Newcastle. It has not learnt from its actions and has announced plans for Parramatta. We are left no choice but to take matters into our own hands.


SLRCA has commenced a class action suit against Transport for NSW. Businesses and residents who can demonstrate with evidence they have incurred financial loss or their mental health has been impacted as a result of the construction are able to apply. The few businesses approved for TfNSW rental assistance are also able to apply with no financial risk or penalty. We want to help :

  • business owners who have incurred a financial loss as a result of the light rail construction
  • business owners who have declared bankruptcy as a result of the light rail construction
  • business owners who have been mistreated by Transport for NSW
  • commercial property owners who have been unable to lease their properties as a result of the light rail construction
  • residents who have had their properties damaged as a result of the light rail construction
  • residents who have been declined alternate accommodation during out-of-hours construction
  • residents and business owners fearing nearby construction on a future Light Rail project

There is no financial cost OR risk by joining the class action. Using the form below, please register to join the Sydney Light Rail Class Action. Our representatives will be in touch to discuss further and organise your legal paperwork.